Jaguar launches its latest campaign, 'British Intelligence,' in collaboration with Spark 44. After the success of Jaguar's previous spot 'Rendezvous', award winning director Tom Hooper pulled out another showstopper in the form of 'The Lab', as part of Jaguar's new 'British Intelligence' campaign which stars Nicholas Hoult.

To bring the innovation lab to life and continue raising the bar of automotive advertising to the cinematic calibre that was set with “Rendezvous,” Jaguar worked with premier visual effects production house, The Mill, who incorporated visually compelling CGI (computer generated imagery) effects that highlight the engineering and technology under the hood of the newest Jaguar model lineup, seen throughout the campaign.


Producer: Chris Batten Shoot

Supervisor: Andrew ‘Barnsley’ Wood, Austen Humphries, Mike Chapman

2D Lead Artist: Andrew ‘Barnsley’ Wood

3D Lead Artists: Mike Chapman, Ben Robins

2D Artists: Carl Norton, Fergal Hendrick, Heather Goodenough, Mike Simons

Motion Graphics: Ashley Tyas, Joe Sommerville

Print: Ross Urien, Rob Ison, Matthew Ivin, Rosemary Eve