George Cover.jpg

So after taking a look at the 2K Basketball franchises, one recurring theme sprung up that seems to be the case for most sports video game covers. The number one player gets to be on the cover, and while I think this would make being on the cover of a sports game a prestigious and honourable thing to have happen to yourself i think that games are missing out on how many other great players are involved in these individual sports. I picked 3 of my favourite players (No particular order) and made a customised cover for each of the 3.

I also added to new 'ELITE EDITION' tag bellow the title. My thinking behind this is that there will be some kind of special add-ons or content that can be redeemed and used in game, and of corse the perks will differ depending on which of the 3 cover you buy. Each have pros and cons regarding the perks.


So like most people, I’m a big fan of the TV series Breaking Bad. The scenario, the cast, the acting, the visual ideas, the atmosphere... Everything about it was amazing.

So I decide to just make a tribute to Walter White and Jesse Pinkman by making an illustration, which soon turned into an animated GIF and then a full video due to how much fun i was having creating this. I went for a very flat look with simple ‘Time Lapse’ style to the whole edit showing the repetitiveness of the art of cooking perfectly blue Crystal Meth.


Coming Soon...


So around the back end of 2014, November ish I think, certain vines started to surface all over the internet know as 'RKO Vines'. Basically, the whole point of the videos was a mashup oh real like fails of people falling over and a cut out Randy Orton edited on top too look like he was performing his famous RKO on the person falling. Genius! The vines got millions of hits in a short space of time and became an internet classic over night!

So I decided to take this idea and put a spin on it while the topic of Westling/Vine mashups where hot. When I was little my favourite WWE start was Shawn Michaels, so naturally I picked him to create my own. So obviously every guy knows The Heartbreak Kid's signature move, Sweet Chin Music! So thats what I did, I set about trying to find videos of people falling, people getting kit by stuff, ect. After making my first vine I changed my plan and introduced two other wrestlers, Triple H and Rey Mysterio.

All In all I had great fun making these vines. It also helped that the grant total of all 4 of the vines I made is nearly 5.5 Million Loops!