So around the back end of 2014, November ish I think, certain vines started to surface all over the internet know as 'RKO Vines'. Basically, the whole point of the videos was a mashup oh real like fails of people falling over and a cut out Randy Orton edited on top too look like he was performing his famous RKO on the person falling. Genius! The vines got millions of hits in a short space of time and became an internet classic over night!

So I decided to take this idea and put a spin on it while the topic of Westling/Vine mashups where hot. When I was little my favourite WWE start was Shawn Michaels, so naturally I picked him to create my own. So obviously every guy knows The Heartbreak Kid's signature move, Sweet Chin Music! So thats what I did, I set about trying to find videos of people falling, people getting kit by stuff, ect. After making my first vine I changed my plan and introduced two other wrestlers, Triple H and Rey Mysterio.

All In all I had great fun making these vines. It also helped that the grant total of all 4 of the vines I made is nearly 5.5 Million Loops!